We named our team «GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW».

Why did we choose this name?

Grand – means great, large, main, majestic, magnificent, luxurious, important, excellent.

"Diamond"(“Almaz”) is certainly an important step in Fohow career. Those, who reached the rank of "Almaz", have created at least two active branches of the company. So, they hold the secret to achieving this level and can share it with their partners. After all, "Brilliant" -  the highest rank of partners in our company - comes only from "Almaz"!

We also took from  diamonds their best features. In ancient Greek diamond means unconquerable or undefeated. Diamond is a worldwide synonym for firmness and courage, excellence and splendor.

Together we’ve made the logo and the motto of our team.

Now GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW team has its own distinctive features: the logo, the motto, and the team style.

The colors of our logo are red, yellow and white.
Red is for energy, activity and action.
Yellow  is for hope and mutual cooperation.
White is for spirituality and ethics as a basis for interaction.

There is a diamond on the logo of our team. Faces of our diamond are triangle, which symbolizes leadership. Diamond is a symbol of the interaction between leaders. In MLM business team success depends on the teamwork of many people with leadership qualities and their ability to negotiate and cooperate.

In addition, an octagon of our diamond  is an element of Bagua which you can neutralize the adverse effects of destructive power and increase the influence of constructive one.

Together we’ve chosen unanimously the motto of our team, which is:

"In our unity - our success!"

Each partner can use the logo corporate identity and motto of the team for his activity.