The Theory of Yang-sheng Fohow

Теория ян-шэн фениксChairman of the Board of Directors,
President of Fohow Corporation, Bachelor in engineering,
Master of biology
Mr. Yu Fei

What is Yang-sheng (literally "life cultivation")?

Yang-sheng or "life cultivation", is the preservation and maintenance of a healthy body, life-cherishing. The purpose of these actions ( in Yang-sheng this means a specific behavior) is to improve the quality of life. Life to be healthy, long and joyful!

Yang-sheng is a very special way, not just a "survival". Yang-sheng is an active, extremely  positive and exciting way of life.

What is the meaning of Yang-sheng?

The meaning of Yang-sheng as follows:

Allow healthy people to be optimistic and active, allow them to keep healthy.
Allow sub- healthy people to restore physical and mental balance, to achieve a more healthy state.
Allow sick people to achieve health by increasing the body's resistance to disease and strengthening their faith and their ability.

What are modes and methods of Yang-sheng?

The Chinese nation has a recorded history of 5,000 years and, in the constant pursuit of health and longevity, profound life cultivation culture has been created by our civilized ancestors. Fohow Co., according to the difference of rich, varied and plentiful modes and methods, classifies life cultivation into psychological life cultivation, behavioral life cultivation and dietary life cultivation.

What is Yang-sheng of psychology?

This method of maintaining health and achieving longevity by the regulation of mood and psychological attitude to the outside world. A proper use of "psychological" Yang-sheng promotes healing of the body and health preservation.

Fohow Company subdivides it into:
Emotional life cultivation — family affection, friendship, love and other sensual and emotional factors is an integral part of human life, "the sun and storm" of our lives.  Without the nourishment of healthy emotions, life will be like a desert.

Artistic life cultivation - playing musical instruments, calligraphy, painting, fine intellectual games, beautiful song and slow dance - all this is a special condition, the need for self-expression and spiritual enjoyment.

Virtual life cultivation - "The noble man is noble and tolerant, while unworthy people often quarrel and fuss." Big heart holds both good and bad, showing patience and compassion, it is a higher understanding of other people. This attitude to people contributes to the preservation of health and longevity. Rejection of other people as they are, leads to diseases, and it is harmful to health. This is dangerous.

Religious life cultivation -  Religion is a way of expressing our beliefs and views on the world. And it's also one of the most important ways to maintain and promote health, faith makes wonders! Faith often allows a person to discard "mortal dust of this world" and look at your own life from a higher point of view: from the perspective of eternity. Thus, we achieve peace of mind.

Face and body beautifying life cultivation — A beautiful face and figure, nice skin, good body tone - all this pleases the heart and eyes, both our own and the people around us. All this greatly enhances self-esteem, a sense of satisfaction and comfort fills our lives. It heals the body, heals the soul!

What is Yang-sheng of behavior?

Yang-sheng of behavior is one of the most important aspects of maintaining health, during which, with the help of directed actions a highly efficient result is achieved.

Fohow Company subdivides it into:

Good living habits is a guarantee of good health. For example: regular diet and rest, moderate consumption or refusal of alcohol and smoking, regular exercise and activities, parenting habits of proper nutrition and using Fohow life cultivation products, living in compliance with season changes (seasonal life cultivation) are all good living habits.

Environmental life cultivation — Choice of the habitat, the right place for life - clean air, mountains, rivers, forests and water - is a very important factor in our health. If we are unable to change the macro-environment, we can try to change the micro-environment. For example, we can use products supplied by Fohow Co. to make drinking water cleaner and the air in our room fresher, etc. In addition, the team spirit of our business and the special atmosphere of mutual assistance and cooperation contributes to our well-being, promotes health and longevity.

Sports life cultivation - The purpose of life cultivation can be achieved by active sports such as swimming, body building, Tai Chi , Qigong, etc. and also passive sports such as acupuncture, massage, scraping, etc. Biological-sensing thermal protection produts of Fohow Co., a series of passive sports life cultivation devices, can function like acunpuncture, massage and scraping and attain the effect of life cultivation by promoting blood flow, removing blood stasis and dredging meridians.

What is dietary Yang-sheng? What are the methods of dietary life cultivation?

Dietary Yang-sheng is one of the most important ways of Yang-sheng, which allows to achieve health and longevity by adjusting your diet. Yang-sheng regards food as a medication, that is, a balanced diet can maintain health, or even cure health problems. Natural components, their safety and well-balanced recipe are of particular importance here.

By the adjustment methods, Fohow Co. subdivides dietary life cultivation into three aspects: qin - tiao - bu: regulation, purgation and replenishment or regulation-purgation-replenishment.

Regulation: regulate Yin-Yang, reaching its balance regulates Wu-Xing, achieving a balance between the "offspring " and " containment " , the proper motion currents of vital energy in the body.

Purgation: when we empty the filled, we remove the excess. For example, purge the intestines, remove the excess of Yang (fire), purge toxins, purge blood from the excess of unhealthy lipids, thrombus and so on.

Recovery: we refill the empty, restoring its failure. For example, compensate for the lack of calcium and zinc in the body, restoring vitamins ( we take vitamins) and proteins , restoring blood and kidneys, fill Tin, Qi and Shen (essence, vigor and spirit.)

Is the "regulation-purgation-replenishment" dietary life cultivation method based on theories of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)?

Yes. The "regulation-purgation-replenishment" dietary life cultivation is the summary and abstract of the eight methods in therapeutic principles, treatment in accordance with three categories of etiologic factors, and treatment based on syndrome differentiation.

Eight methods in therapeutic principles refer to the eight methods for disease treatment in traditional Chinese medicine, which are documented in the Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders and Miscellaneous Illnesses by Zhang Zhongjing, the Sage of Medicine, and include diaphoresis, emesis, purgation, mediation, warming, heat-clearing, resolution and tonification, wherein the mediation refers to regulation; the warming and tonification refer to replenishment; and the other five can be categorized into purgation.

A plurality of factors should be considered in application of the eight methods in therapeutic principles. In brief, the factors include treatment in accordance with three categories of etiologic factors and treatment based on syndrome differentiation. Climate, locality and individual factors manifested in healthy state are referred to as three categories of etiologic factors in TCM theories. In Essential Medical Treasures of the Golden Chamber ( Jingui Yaolue), “to asthenia and sthenia, it’s essential to reduce the excess and supplement the deficiency”; as of the treatment based on syndrome differentiation, the eight methods are also summarized as replenishment and reduction (purgation). It is evident that, to asthenia with sthenia or sthenia with asthenia, mediation (i.e. regulation), which takes both replenishment and reduction into consideration, is needed.

How should reasonability and advancement of the "regulation -purgation- replenishment" dietary life cultivation be comprehended?

For automobile maintenance, we have three jobs to do. Firstly, adjust lamps, seats, brakes and the accelerator to keep them in good working state - regulation. Secondly, clear away the garbage; the job includes cleaning windows and seats and also the fuel pipes and clearing carbon deposit in the engine - purgation. Thirdly, add fuel and water and charge the battery - replenishment.

Just like the automobile, the human body also needs the "regulation -purgation- replenishment" dietary life cultivation.

The regulation in dietary life cultivation refers to the comprehensive adjustment of yin-yang balance and mutual generation and restriction of the five elements with TCM theories as the basis.

The purgation in dietary life cultivation is a job most people in the modern society should do. In times of food shortage, people developed many diseases due to malnutrition. However, today, over-nutrition has led to obesity, hyperlipemia, hypertension, hyperglycosemia, fatty liver, etc. Now, the top killer of people’s health is cardio- and cerebro-vascular diseases caused by over-nutrition. Presence of such problems warns that we should not focus on nutrient supplement. Then what should we do? Purgation!

The replenishment in the dietary life cultivation raised by Fohow Co. is different from the supplement in “nutrition supplement”. We emphasize not only supplement of minerals necessary for the human body such as calcium, zinc and nutrients such as protein, vitamins, but also invigoration of blood, kidneys, lungs, essence, vigor and spirit (that is, Tin, Qi and Shen) in TCM theories.

What is  Tin, Qi and Shen?

Tin, and Qi and Shen is the terminology borrowed from the ideas of Chinese philosophy by which Traditional Chinese Medicine explains the presence of several major types of visible and invisible matter in humans.

Tin is a basic component of human extract, the root and foundation of life of a human body. It is a source of life motivation, the source of enthusiasm, a driving force and vitality.

Qi is human electricity, positive charge, energy, which is based on human Tin. Running and constantly rotating into a human body, this invisible and intangible substance determines the health of a human.

Sheng is the state of a human body. This the incarnation of health, outside expression of it. It can be, for example, enthusiasm, appearance, behavior, manners, "spirit", posture, complexion, eyes, etc.

To understand what Tin-Qi-Shen is, we can consider a light bulb for example. The light from the lamp is it’s Shen. What makes the bulb glow? Of course, electricity, that is, Qi! Qi (electric current) can not be seen or felt, neither can internal Qi. What is the source of electrical current? That’s right, the engine! The engine is Tin of a human body.

If the amount of the three components (Tin-Qi-Shen) in a human body is enough, the man literally blooms, he's healthy. Otherwise, the lack of Tin-Qi-Shen can easily lead to fatigue and illness.

The purpose of "regulation" is to "cultivate" or accumulate Tin-Qi-Shen. The purpose of "purgation" is to clean the components, preventing the normal flow of Tin-Qi-Shen. The purpose of "replenishment" is to fill the body in with Tin-Qi-Shen. If we can not reach an improvement and “blooming” of Tin-Qi-Shen using "regulation" only, then we need to "purgate" the body, or "replenish" Tin-Qi-Shen.

 How to use dietary Yang-sheng "regulation – purgation – replenishment" easily and efficiently?

Dietary yang-sheng shows us a simple and effective method of influence: at first -  "tiao",  "regulation", and then, at the same time, purgation and replenishment. The first step is when we regulate the functioning of  body organs. The second step is when, on the basis of the regulation , we see signs that clearly represent the whole picture of the organs in more detail and then sensibly combine the use of health food products of "purgation" or "replenishment" series. Chinese medicine believes that the loss of the balance of yin-yang leads to premorbid state of the body, to the emergence of various diseases. That is why "regulation" is of the most importance, the main aspect in healthcare. "Regulation" is a quintessential experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology, it is the main axis of rotation of dietary Yang sheng, the main component of Yang-sheng dietary method. Mastery of this axis of rotation, the understanding of action and food components, their effect and scope - that is a guarantee of proper and effective use of Yang-sheng diet.

What is the secret of the "Three principles of design and development" of Fohow company products?

The company's products have a soul: the company has a corporate culture, a man has a credo and the product has the soul! This is extremely important! The soul of high-quality Fohow products are "three principles of design and development ". All Fohow products from the stage of research and development to the stage of production are based on these principles. These principles are:

  1. The effect of the product should be obvious, quick and clear, because if the effect is negligible and is not obvious, we do not manufacture this product.
  2.  Any and all components of the product must be natural, and we do not use chemically synthesized pharmacological components. We guarantee the safety of products and a safe daily or long-term use of products.
  3. Unique product formulation, an advanced production technology, the recipe corresponds to the ideas and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology, it has its own "know-how" or the author's certificates and patents.

All of these guarantees a high market competitiveness of our products. Products, designed and manufactured in accordance with the three principles above have high efficiency, obvious effect, natural composition, unique technology and structure, protecting against counterfeiting. And this is a reliable guarantee of product competitiveness in the consumer market. It is due to the strict observance of the rules and principles of design and development of products, high quality products by Fohow Company are widely recognized among consumers around the world.

Can we use the dietary Yang-sheng products of Fohow Co. to treat diseases?

The dietary products of Fohow Co., are not supposed to treat diseases. Yang-sheng diet has an impact on a human body as a whole, it is directed on the body, not on a disease. Holistic regulation of the organism is the main action of it. It allows the body to adjust the balance of yin-yang, to adjust Wu-Xing and to help the body to overcome ailments and diseases.

Are Yang-sheng products a real panacea givig 100%  guarantee of health and longevity?

Yes, they are. Though, they are not a panacea. "Regulation – purgation – replenishment" method helps to make the body more healthy, to solve many health problems. However, we must remember that Yang-sheng diet  is just the one out of three components.

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